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= modify leaves → sich (ver)färben; (milk) → sauer werden; (meat) → schlecht werden; (weather conditions) → umschlagen; to turn to stone → zu Stein werden; his admiration turned to scorn → seine Bewunderung verwandelte sich in Verachtung ? to become sth → sich in etw (acc) → verwandeln; (= produce into) → sich zu etw entwickeln; their shorter keep become a three-thirty day period pay a visit to → aus ihrem Kurzaufenthalt wurde ein Aufenthalt von drei Monaten; the prince was a frog → der Prinz verwandelte sich in einen Frosch; The complete thing became a nightmare → die ganze Sache wurde zum Albtraum

d. To provide unique, creative, or graceful variety to: "They know exactly how to turn a spectacular line or phrase that is certain to make the night news" (William Safire).

starting up, begin - a turn being a starter (in a sport originally); "he got his start off due to the fact on the list of frequent pitchers was within the medical center"; "his starting up intended the coach thought he was one of their finest linemen"

prime of your inning, best - the main fifty percent of an inning; even though the checking out staff is at bat; "a relief pitcher took in excess of in the top on the fifth"

grow, switch - move into a problem step by step, tackle a selected house or attribute; come to be; "The climate turned awful"; "She grew indignant"

the revolving Portion of a file-player on which the history rests even though it really is getting played. He set One more history about the turntable so that men and women could dance on the new music. draaitafel, platespeler مِنْضَدَه دَوّارَه диск prato do gira-discos talíř der Plattenteller pladetallerken περιστρεφόμενη βάση του πικάπ plato, giradiscos grammofoni pöördketas گردونه levylautanen platine פַּטִיפוֹן गोल घूमने वाला प्लेटफ़ार्म जिस पर से इंजनों को घुमाया जाता है gramofon lemeztányér tempat piringan plötuspilari piatto 回転盤 회전반 patefono diskas patafona disks piring putar platenspelerdreieskivetalerz څرخیدونکی prato do gira-discos placă (de select-up) вертушка tanier (gramofónu) gramofon obrtni most skivtallrik จานหมุนของเครื่องเล่นแผ่นเสียง döner tabla (唱機的)轉盤 опорний диск; програвач موڑنے والا چکر chơi lại, quay lại được (唱机的)转盘

modify point out, switch - endure a change or perhaps a modify of place or motion; "We turned from Socialism to Capitalism"; "The persons turned versus the President when he stole the election"

switch - go sour or spoil; "The milk has soured"; "The wine labored"; "The cream has turned--we must throw it out"

resuscitate, come to, revive - return to consciousness; "The individual arrived to promptly"; "She revived after the medical professional gave her an injection"

now in her first movie she turned a handful of heads → ya en su primera película la gente se fijó en ella

c. Among a number of these kinds of options accorded individuals in succession or in scheduled order: looking ahead to her next transform at bat.

slide - go abruptly and passively right into a condition of system or thoughts; "fall into a lure"; "She fell sick"; "They fell outside of favor"; "Tumble in really like"; "tumble asleep"; "fall prey to an imposter"; "slide official website into a strange means of thinking"; "she fell to items immediately after she misplaced her work"

5. among a series of brief circus or variety acts, or the person or individuals who carry out it. The show opened that has a comedy transform. beurt, opvoering مَشْهَد ، نَوْبَة عَمَل епизод número číslo die Programmnummer nummer νούμερο σε auto accident attorney Buena Park CA παράσταση número etteaste, quantity بخش esitys numéro הוֹפָעָה קְצָרָה točka, kratka izvedba szám acara atriði numero 短かい出し物 순서 numeris numurs; uzstāšanās acara nummernummernumer برخه número număr номер číslo, výstup točka šou nummer การแสดงสั้น ๆ kısa oyun (雜技中的)項目,劇目 черговий номер програми, вихід تماشہ đội xiếc (杂技中的)项目,剧目

(Cook dinner: = idea out) cake → stürzen; he turned the photographs out with the box → er kippte die Fotos aus der Schachtel

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